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February 24 2018

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Choosing the Right Professional to Renovate a Kitchen

If a homeowner does not feel like doing a kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling project on their own, they should consider hiring a professional. However, they should be especially careful when choosing an industry professional and, thus, get several quotes before hiring one. Here are some other tips to consider.

Hiring the right person

Choose a kitchen professional who has serious references. Ask the professional to visit your home and take a look at the project. Then have them complete a proposal plan, which details everything.

Have the professional specify how much time it will take to complete the Kitchen Remodeling job. Ask, in the case of a complete renovation, the name of all companies that will be involved (subcontractors), as well as copies of their licenses and insurance policies. Do not forget to have the schedule of work and installments indicated.

Pay a deposit of maximum 10%, then small payments throughout the Kitchen Renovation. When the job is finished and you are pleased with the outcome, only then pay the remainder. The balance is only to be paid upon final acceptance, meaning after everything is checked off by you.

Get points when eating out

The fact that you are going to eat a lot of meals in restaurants or have food delivered is not a surprise. What people may not have considered is getting rewards for all those meals and possibly some of that money back for all the money spent. Even though this will not cover the whole Kitchen Redo, it will help ease the burden.

Dust is inevitable

Everyone knows that construction produces dust, but the amount is staggering during a kitchen renovation. And just when a homeowner thinks it's over, they will find some in the strangest places. Protect everything of value, even if it is not near the kitchen or even on the same floor. Cover all temporary food preparation areas with sheets or plastic covers when they are not being used.

Pay special attention to pets

Pets are the unsung heroes of home renovations, which often spend the most time in the home. If a homeowner makes a lot of structural changes, they may need to relocate the pet for a few weeks. Talk to the contractor to plan what will happen.

If a person chooses to keep their pet in their home, as most people do, they should be sure to groom them often (again, the dust is horrendous). Make sure to give them special treats to make up for the stress they may endure.

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